The story of the Reinvented Immunology

The EKO company, led by its owner Bohumír Rakusan, D.Sc., MPharm., expanded its activities under the inspiration of Chinese medicine in producing extracts from plant and animal tissues and their subsequent pharmacological use in 1935. 

They called this research the "RTN Program" and some developed products, such as Floristen, Silexil, Retisin, or Lyastin, were successfully tested in multiple clinical trials and approved afterward under prescription for patients in former Czechoslovakia.

In the EkoRTN company, we follow up on the work of the Eko, which belonged to our founder's family until its nationalization by communists. The team continued to work after under government-owned the SPOFA enterprise, the Eko division, under the leadership of Bohumír Rakušan until another round of clinical trials under the control of the new management took place and the products were approved for production.

  • 18.000+ patients in clinical trials
  • 17 years of mass production for public healthcare service
  • 11 years of the RTN team research and development
  • 13 years of verification in clinical trials under the control of the government
  • 12 specific therapeutical indications

    Research and Development

    The first part of our researchers activities started based on the private historical archive with accounting and warehouse records, medical cards and medication dosage, scientific evaluations, and reports, including production reglements and biochemical analysis.

    With the latest knowledge from outsourced custom-made manufacturing between 2003 and 2018, we have confirmed positive effects at the laboratory level, corresponding to historical records of the nature treatment of various chronic diseases and starting the plan to resurrect the original RTN production for limited use. 

    As Dr.Rakusan did, we get inspiration for ourselves from history. New production based on the original RTN preparations started in 2021, due to our own needs and for our families, friends, and other backers. So we trust in the results of the RTN and we would like to introduce them to everyone.

    We apply modern approaches such as QA principles, GMP, or private trials in cooperation with early adopters and other volunteers to develop the best dietary supplements. We are interested in its specific chemical composition and the biochemistry of the obtained metabolites. 

    We started with the Floristen as the most promising preparation from the medical point of view, thanks to health and nutrition claims published by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the Hypericum Perforatum L. and known antibiotic effect and effects against various viruses.  

    Shortly, every preparation is what we have in DNA or just biometabolites natural for the human body. That is what we want to use ourselves. Every product from the RTN program is made from raw materials with bio-quality certification and brings a different kind of supporting power to the immune system. 

    It's known that nature is more than powerful, much more sometimes than is needed, so for all of our nature preparations is a must to respect medication contradictions and recommended dosage. For the application of the RTN preparations with other medication is a must to accept an invitation into private trials managed by RTN Therapeutics and define the optimal prescription, based on the approved application and under the control of the MD.

    Retisin (RTN33) and Introsin (RTN122/122K) provide a differentiated effect alone or in combination with a complementary agent. RTN33 with Floristen (RTN118), RTN122 with RTN119 and RTN134/140, or RTN75 and Floristen (RTN118) in combination with Lyastin (RTN102). 


    Our extracts are under qualitative and quantitative measurements of the compound itself, and we are preparing them in different levels of concentration for future use, following the needs of the clinics and other manufacturers. The default dosages are a 2ml ampoule or 1fl.oz in optimal concentration.

    For maximum control over all production, and also because we can collect St. John's wort on our own localities operating under organic farming in a protected landscape area we have also become a "bio farmer", and some of our products have BIO certification.


    Floristen 20mg/ml is a former anti-inflammatory agent in chronic proliferative/existing inflammation, gynecological, venous, and pancreatitis, with positive effects after brain stroke, which we prepare from Hypericum perforatum L. In this part, we focus on standardized extract with phloroglucinols (hyperforin), naphthodianthrones (hypericin, pseudohypericin), flavonol glycosides (isoquercetin, rutin -acetyl), and flavonoid aglycones (quercetin, kaempferol). 


    Retisin 0,5mg/ml is the former palliative agent in human cancer treatment and a natural anabolic agent extracted from the bovine blood containing fragments of the nuclear, membrane, cytoplasmic, and extracellular proteins. So-called free amino acids not bound in proteins are presented, which can serve as building blocks for further protein synthesis or perform a signaling function. It contains many nucleotides that may function as energy sources or signaling molecules. The complex thus acts as a supporting dose of dietary nucleotides, oligopeptides, essential amino acids, and trace elements inherent to the body. 


    Lyastin 5mg/ml is former preparation used to improve the trophic of non-healing tissue, Buerger's disease, obliterating atherosclerosis, or after frostbite, developed as an additional compound to Floristen. It contains a wide range of lipidic substances, sterols, and phospholipids molecules, such as sphingomyelins, phosphatidylcholines, phosphoethanolamines, and triacylglycerides.


    Silexil 10mg/ml is under the development of new preparation. Former Silexil has been used to treat the arthrosis of all localizations for the content of phospholipid and lipoprotein components. 

    The RTN preparations are entirely non-toxic and have no adverse side effects, even with long-term administration.

    Private trials

    The RTN team's work on specific preparations has been confirmed, particularly their strengthening effect on natural defense mechanisms, in modern laboratory studies from 2019 to 2022. Moreover, they do not interfere with healthy cells, serve for efficient oxygen transfer, and improve blood circulation and tissues' regenerative capacity and nutrition. 

    Retisin, Floristen, Lyastin, and Silexil have been tested in experiments using various experimentally induced diseases in experimental animal models (mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits) and clinical trials in former Czechoslovakia in many clinics and hospitals. Since 1961, the products has been available in the public health care system. These pieces of information are the basic data source for targeting a randomized, double-blind study organized by RTN Therapeutics on using RTN dietary supplements during the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases.

    Due to the known contradictions in the use of preparations, patients involved in the private trials must be under control in cooperation with the MD. Participation in the RTN Therapeutics' trials is a must for all users currently under medicaments, from the reason of known circumstances and proper dosage.

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